This work requires an in-depth understanding of the basic fill material properties and the maintenance of a close rapport with the civil designer, contractor and the quality control testing company.

We appreciate that a “think on your feet” approach and the provisions of an immediate response to continuing site queries and “unforseen” ground conditions by experienced senior staff is critical to the delivery of a successful earthworks project on a basis that is balanced with respect to time, cost, performance and quality.

Our involvement with earthworks construction projects encompasses a wide spectrum of material properties from expansive clays to collapsible sands and sensitive silts.

Earthworks services we provide to facilitate land development and improvement include:

  • Materials identification
  • Fill placement and compaction techniques
  • Material testing
  • Dewatering, shear key and preload design
  • Fill certification
  • Site classification - AS2870:2011


This work requires an in-depth understanding of basic fill material properties and behaviour. Close rapport with the project civil designer, contractor and quality control personnel is critical to success on any earthworks project and we pride ourselves on our strong communication and our ability to maintain long term relationships.