Forensic Engineering, Expert Witness & Claims Consultancy

CMW Geosciences Pty Ltd adopts a hands-on approach to help Clients solve challenges and manage risk in, on and under the ground.

Our senior geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists have extensive industry experience that enables us to offer specialist consultancy services.

As a Perth based, privately owned, independent geotechnical consultancy we are well placed to provide detailed Forensic Engineering assessment and review of geotechnical issues, provide Expert Witness services and to help formulate, review, challenge and document ground related contractual claims.

Forensic Engineering

Not all projects, and particularly some that are geocritical, go according to plan. Delays, unexpected performance and durability issues associated with the ground and ground water conditions are a common cause of actual and perceived failures or inadequate performance.

CMW offers Forensic Engineering services that are independent of prior project activities to thoroughly and objectively investigate, assess and report on the geotechnical factors that have caused or influenced the observed difficulties or failures. Where ppropriate we can also provide additional support services to help select, analyse and design optimised remediation solutions.

Expert Witness

Disputes relating to geotechnical factors frequently require detailed input and clarification from experienced professional engineers to help the courts and arbitrators understand complex geotechnical issues. We have experience in a number of ground related expert witness cases associated with Latent Conditions, retaining walls, construction related damage to properties, foundation failures and slope instability.

We recognise the criticality of the Expert Witness role and the fundamental need for an impartial service to the court/arbitrator. Typically we assess the project and the area of dispute, and check there are no conflict of interest issues, before we confirm that we are able to provide the required services.

Geotechnical Claims

Our Principal and Senior Principal Engineers have extensive experience working for contractors, engineers and clients. We routinely produce Design and Construct (D&C) solutions, review construction problems, assess geotechnical reports and Latent Conditions issues and help formulate or review ground related contractual claims.

Ground conditions, difficult excavation conditions, excessive settlements, structural distress and problematical groundwater are common examples of unforeseen conditions that can give rise to a contractual claim associated with an extension of time or increased construction costs. The validity of such Latent Conditions claims are often directly related to the nature and properties of the ground strata that could reasonably have been anticipated at the time of tender and the ground conditions actually encountered on site.

Services offered in this area range from initial high level independent geotechnical review and preliminary assessment of potential claims through to detailed claims preparation, substantiation and documentation.

Our well established industry contacts enable us to combine our geotechnical services with specialist contract review, constructability assessment and assessing productivity/costing against industry benchmarks.

For further information or to discuss your specialist geotechnical consultancy requirements, please contact:

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CMW also provides geotechnical services in Design, Site Investigation, Pile Testing and Earthwork Monitoring