Civil Construction

These services range from investigation, modelling, analysis and peer review through to design, monitoring, construction supervision and certification.

In particular, we work closely with specialist geotechnical contractors and civil contractors to identify, select and optimise civil construction works associated with ground retention, deep foundations and ground improvement schemes. These works can be temporary or permanent retaining walls, piled foundations, ground anchors, soil nails, grouting and vibro compaction or vibro replacement works.

These works are often required in association with:

  • Major basement and car dumper excavations
  • Contiguous and secant pile retaining walls
  • Diaphragm walls
  • Slope stabilisation and remediation
  • Cut and cover tunnels
  • Construction over soft ground
  • Foundations for high rise developments

CMW directors have personally worked on:

  • Temporary screw piled access causeway, Curtis Island, QLD
  • Piled foundations, Narrows Bridge duplication, Perth, WA
  • Soil nail wall, Servetus Street, Cottesloe, WA
  • Anchored pile walls and soil nailing for car dumpers, Port Hedland and Cape Lambert, WA
  • Anchored diaphragm walls for Raffles Hotel, Applecross, WA and St John of God Hospital, Subiaco, WA
  • Anchored pile walls, diaphragm wall ground anchors & microfine grout under pinning, Old Treasury Building, Perth CBD
  • Large diameter bored piles, Kings Square Development, Perth CBD
  • Anchored pile walls for multiple level basements, Perth CBD & surrounds.